Face Comparisons

There are lots of reasons to compare faces.  And it’s fun to look at comparisons and see how close features can be, and sometimes how different they can be.

The most common uses are for those interested in genealogy who may have pictures that are unidentified, but look the same as known images.  For those people, just knowing that someone is the same, or different, means a lot to them.  It is also interesting to look at different generations and see how common features have been passed down from generation to generation.  Sometimes the similarity of faces can be amazing even though the time difference is significant.

And every once in a while there is that picture of someone famous that has been in the family for years.  Uncle Henry standing next to the person who was elected President of the United States – before he was elected.  Those pictures are worth money, and the older they are the more they are worth.  Maybe there is a historic treasure just waiting to be discovered.

We hope you enjoy working with our software or letting us do the work for you and send you a video and write-up of the results.

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